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"the friendly Scottsdale's hangout of Leo and his comfort food junkeezs!"

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Open Stage. Open Stage. Open Stage. 

Well, that's another story...You never know who'll be on the Open Stage? We have secret guest all the time...maybe even a country music star or Kid Rock?

Cheezy Nick's is a down home friendly neighborly place. We have an open stage where musicians and comedians can try out new songs and jokes. We don't have Buck or Merle here nightly, just local Los Angeles talented artists and comedians.

Musicians and comedians are always welcome. Maybe you are just touring through Los Angeles and need a place to mellow out...come on over to Cheezy Nick's. Grab a tin of tasty tomato soup and one of our famous grill cheese sandwiches...put up your feet and relax.  

If you can sing or tell a decent joke, just grab the mic...

Cheezy Nick's has a Zero Tolerance Policy. In plain english it means no cursing, cussing, no drunks, no guns or knifes, no lewd behavior, no gang colors, and if your clothes smell or you can't walk straight you don't come in.

Must be over 21 years old. We ain't your mom but we do have a curfew for younger folks....for those older folks who are naughty.

Folks ... if you can help Leo and me get a place to call Home or borrow us some money... I'll be kindly appreciative to hear from you... just send us an email:

Cheezy Nick's... he's waiting on you!

...The Fun Place after the Town has Closed...

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